We are a minority-owned market research company whose focus is specialized market research, both qualitative and quantitative, for multicultural and niche markets. Multicultural Insights specializes in Hispanic, African American and other growing segments including GLB, teen and senior markets. We also provide top notch translations, Quantum data processing and analytical services.

We deliver to our clients top quality research, advanced analytics and insights into cultural segments - on target and on time. And, our partnership approach ensures we are there for future follow-up needs to previous projects.

We bring to the table a wealth of market research expertise in multicultural markets. Our management team has a combined 30-plus years in multicultural market research partnering with America's corporate giants in almost every type of methodology.

Key team members are involved in every step of every project - from first thoughts to final presentation. This communication gives us the ability to have more people looking at and contributing to the development, processing, execution and insights of your highly focused research project which creates more value added to every project.

Our Focus

Our focus is our clients and their projects and getting answers that will grow their businesses. We partner with them by providing valuable, quality data, analytical methods, marketing-actionable insights and institutional knowledge in multicultural and niche markets.

We provide expertise in both qualitative and quantitative methods and have some of the industry’s best and creative advanced analytical contributions, top research design teams and unparalleled project management and support throughout the life of a research partnership.

Our focus does not end when a project is complete. We build lifelong partnerships and are always looking for better and more precise ways to help our clients with developing the best possible insights into multicultural markets by understanding their businesses and needs when it comes to multicultural research and marketing.

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