Mente Latina provides clients with the ability to conduct online data collection with a representative sample of Hispanic American consumers.  Our panel design includes a variety of sample sources maximizing the reach and representativeness of our respondent pool.  Multi-dimensional recruiting is used to build our panel of Hispanic consumers; including social media, in-person intercepts using iPads, partnerships with local community organizations and churches, intercepts at local fairs/festivals, computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI), mail, and word-of-mouth.

Our panel software allows clients to capture data in real-time no matter where consumers are. Respondents can receive a push notification alerting them of an available survey or sending questionnaires directly to their smart phones.  This ensures that clients capture the Hispanic consumer who has leapfrogged over the PC directly to using a smart phone.

  • Top US Hispanic Markets
  • Hispanic Millennials
  • Hispanic Teens
  • Segmentation based on all cultural orientation levels
    • Spanish Exclusive
    • Spanish Preferred
    • Bilingual
    • English Preferred
    • English Exclusive
  • Opt-in panel
  • Representative sample of Hispanic population


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