Sylvia Nieto-Vidal
Managing Partner - Client Services

Ms. Vidal brings 26 years of multicultural research experience to Multicultural Insights. Ms. Vidal has set-up, managed and overseen qualitative and quantitative research for Fortune 100 companies such as Kraft Foods, Pepsi-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Avon, Brown Forman, Warner Lambert, Schering-Plough, SC Johnson, Allstate, Ralston-Purina, The Gillette Company, IBM, Phillip Morris, JC Penney's, and Wrangler among others.

Marilse Rojas
Managing Partner
Project Management

Ms. Rojas is responsible for overseening quantitative research projects. Ms. Rojas is experienced in conducting marketing research in the general market as well as in the Hispanic, Black and Asian markets. She brings 17 years of multicultural market research experience to the team.

Rose Becker
Managing Partner

Ms. Becker brings 20 years of multicultural research experience to Multicultural Insights. Ms. Becker oversees all technology for the firm including CATi programming, data tabulation, panel management, and sample management among others. Ms. Becker has extensive expertise in programming and data tabulation experience using SPSS Programs including Quantum, Quancept, Quanvert, cFmc, and Sawtooth Technologies Software (Ci2 and Ci3).

Jacqueline Sánchez-Volny
Qualitative Research Director

Ms. Sanchez-Volny is a multucultural Spanish speaker familiar with the varieties of Snapnish spoken by a host of nationalities of Caribbean and Latin American-US imigrants. Having moderated focus groups for marketers, advertisers, promoters of products and services directed at potential consumers in key US Latino markets such as Los Angeles, Houston, San Antonio, New York, Chicago, Miami, Puerto Rico, various locations in Mexico, and in Madrid, she is familiar with the linguistic and cultural nuances of numerous subgroups within the pool of the US-Hispanic marketplace and with how they compare and contrast with the general market.

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