Frequently Asked Questions

How does Multicultural Insights define Multicultural Research?

We define multicultural research as a broad term which includes the understanding of culture and diversity in the marketplace and focusing on constant learning about the ever-changing Hispanic, African American and other cultural and niche segments.  How these market segments and subsegments understand, use and approach products and services is our main focus in multicultural markets.

What makes Multicultural Insights different than other research firms?

Our approach is to take many combined years in cultural market research and meld it with a young and in-touch staff that knows the history of our business and is on top of the current trends and movements within cultural segments.  We like to approach market research as a serious, yet fun endeavor which involves a lot of input and contributions from our clients and our staff to build lifelong business relationships.  We also believe our analytical approach and the insights our talented staff offer from being completely involved in every step of a project makes us very rare in an industry that for the most part produces a cookie cutter approach to research.

How do you approach multicultural research from the big picture?

We understand that there is no one-size fits all approach to communicating with multicultiural and niche markets.  Each sub-segment is different from where they live to the countries of origin where they come from.  We believe there are homogenous things about cultural segments which can be useful, but overall each subsegment should be approached from a national level with focus on the local areas in which they reside.  Think big picture from a cultural standpoint, but reach them at the local level.

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