Multicultural Insights has in-depth knowledge and expertise in qualitative and quantitative methodologies in cultural research. Many of our proprietary methodologies were designed in response to the special needs of multicultural research. We do more than simply taking general market methods and applying them the multicultural markets. We design every project around the specific needs of the client and the special approaches needed in reaching the targeted cultural respondents.

Our advanced analytics and reports are more than crosstabs and data dumps. We design multicultural research up front that accomplishes client’s goals through proprietary methods, which include Copy Insights - our innovative mobile ad copy method, Purchase Constancy Insights, Event Focus Insights, and Psychographic Profile Insights among many others. Our reports offer real marketing-actionable analysis that clients can immediately use to reach their target audiences.

Our advanced analytical methods are designed to assist clients in getting the exact answers to their questions.

Multicultural Insights uses state-of-the-art analytics to help clients find solutions for marketing and communicating with multicultural and niche markets. Some analysis tools are simple, yet bring important findings, and we have the ability to use multivariate statistical analytics for more in-depth analysis. The analytics are designed to answer client questions from the most basic to the most difficult and every analysis need in between.

Some of our analytical methods utilized for multicultural research…

Segmentation Insights® -multivariate multicultural segmentation based on more than just demographics.  Advanced analytical research built on psychographics and attitudinal measures developed from institutional knowledge about ethnic and niche markets.

Copy Insights®  - our standardized copy test designed to measure the effectiveness of marketing communications.

Event Insights®  - our standardized event test designed to measure the impact and effectiveness of event sponsorship. 

Mobile Insights®  - provides real-time views into the consumers shopping habits, behavior and decision process using smartphones.

Purchase Constancy Insights® -  measures various levels of loyalty and future purchase behavior of a clients customers and its competitor’s customers - works with both products and services. 

Attribute Influence Insights® - aSWOTquadrant analysis which measures product or service attribute performance based on stated attribute importance.  A valuable analysis identifies Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.  Advanced multivariate methods can be utilized to determine key drivers and purchase motivators.

Market Opportunity Insights® - Identifies which segments and sub-segments make good targets for product and services.


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